Several years ago California overhauled the way K-12 schools receive operating funds from the state. Part of the new budgeting process involves seeking direct input from the community and staff with regard to the Eight State Priorities that focus on student achievement, conditions of learning, and stakeholder engagement. Input from all community members were used to create the following three goals our district will focus on over the next three years. Throughout the year community members will have opportunities to provide input on how we can accomplish these goals, as well as give feedback on how successful the district has been in working towards them.  To view the whole LCAP where you can find detailed information about the needs, actions, and services for each goal, click: 2023-LCAP.pdf


2023-24 LCAP Mid-Year Review: 2023-24 LCAP Mid Year Review.pdf


Goal #1: Students in grades K-8 will increase academic achievement in all areas.


Goal #2: Provide appropriately assigned and fully credentialed teachers with standards-aligned instructional materials in school facilities that are in good repair in order to fully implement academic content and performance standards in a broad course of study.


 Goal #3: Provide a safe and welcoming climate for all stakeholders that includes parent input in decision making and promotes parent participation in student learning in order to improve school attendance rates.