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Plaza School Site Council

Welcome to the Plaza Elementary School Site Council page. On  this page we hope to be able to keep our community informed on the work of the council and how it is related to the academic programs for all of our students.
The SSC is an elected group of parents, community members, and staff whose purpose is to oversee the budget and goals of the various consolidated programs such as Title 1.  The council will study academic achievement information each year to determine if the funds received from the federal and state government are having a positive impact on the academic programs all students are involved in.
The Plaza SSC consists of eight members, half of which represent the staff, and the other half parents.  In addition we have a School Advisory Committee charged with the extra task of overseeing the federal Title 1 program which offers assistance to students scoring below proficient on the state achievement test.
Each fall, a letter will be sent to all parents asking for anyone interested in serving on the SSC.  A ballot will be made up of those that responded and sent out to all parents.  The people with the most votes will be selected for a two year term of office.  There are three meetings a year usually held right after school.  Anyone wishing to know more about the SSC and how to become involved are asked to call or email the Superintendent/Principal for more information.  
The links for the agendas and minutes for the meetings for this school year are included on this page.


Meeting Dates

All meetings are at 3:00 p.m.  All meetings are open to the public.


December 20th, 2023

February 15th, 2024

April 10th, 2024

Minutes and Agendas of the School Site Council

Plaza School Site Council Agenda Links:
 Plaza School Site Council Minutes: